White-Label PCB Production Plants Located in China

White-Label PCB Production Plants Located in China

YuCha Electronics Co., Limited

YuCha Electronics Co., Ltd, a leading Circuit Board producer and Electronic Circuit Board Assembling company providing premium quality PCB Assy. Moved its PCBA manufacturing plant from Taiwan to Dongguan City in 1999, which focuses principally on Circuit Board Assy & Printed Circuit Board production, and have our own Printed Circuit Board Fabricating lines. Yucha has 25 years of electronic expertise in PCB Manufacturing, we have been always concentrating on getting better PCB Board Assembling and PCA soldering technologies, technicians get skills with us together.

Specifically we will want to say thank you to big companies, for example, Samsung, Sony etc, who gave us opportunities to deliver PCB Card Manufacturing and PCB Assy services to them. As we recognize that, technological innovations are the sole method to get hold of the belief of our buyers.

Either the boards are in design step, or mass production phase, an entire Printed Wiring Board design services would be available to our customers.Leading-edge equipment, seasoned techs and rigid quality system guaranteeing that our boards comply with the quality criteria of worldwide customers.

We believe that, by way of our rich knowledge and impressive sales team, our fast attention, assurance of satisfaction and highly competitive pricing will make us your 1st choice.

Anytime soon, we shall acquire even higher engineering benchmarks and higher production capability through your support! Please consult us now!

Communicate with Us

Telephone Number: +86-755-2321 9404
Facsimile: +86-755-2807 0974
Email: [email protected]
Location: Building Number3, Dongfang Science And Technology Park, Shanghenglang, Tongsheng Community, Dalang St, Shenzhen, China(Mainland)
Skype ID: joe.hj1


HQT Circuit Limited

HQT Circuit Limited is a specialist manufacturer of 2-26 layers Printed Wiring Board. We specialize in quick-turn electronic board prototypes, small to medium volume Printed Wiring Board and electronic board assembly. Founded in 2009, located within Shenzhen, China, with above 408 very skilled staff members and cutting-edge devices, we are now in a position to realize 20,000 square meters yield monthly.

We are permitted by ISO-9001, ISO14000, IPC-A-600, UL certification as well as RoHS compliance. Our boards are usually utilized in telecoms, industrial control, electric power electronics, health care resources, security electronics, electronic devices, LED lighting, and so forth. Greater than 80Percent of our products are sold to European countries, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, India, Middle East and many others. For the comfort of buyers, now we have made available one-stop services bringing in uncovered electronic circuit board fabrication, PCB assembly, FPC and Stencil for around 2,000 buyers all over the globe.

We take great pride in offering you premium quality, huge discounts, remarkable service along with punctual delivery. We love doing work together with consumers to create a win-win collaboration.

Firm Summary
We attended Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Electronica 2016 Munich, Germany.
We’ve delivered specialist electronic circuit Board manufacturing & circuit board assembly services for approximately 2,000 customers.

We went to HK Global Sources Electronics Fair.
We began to supply Flex and Rigid-flex PCB board.
We added ERP program.

We were authorized by ISO14001.
We did start to manufacture 26 layers electronics Board.

We started to provide PCB assembly and Stencil.
We were prized as a harmonious labor relations enterprise.

We’re authorized by ISO9001.
We showed up at Hong Kong Electronics Fair.
We got UL certification.
We became a member of CPCA (aka China Printed Circuit Association).
We had RoHS accreditation.
Shenzhen HQT Circuit Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, China Mainland

Communicate with Us

Home office: Room # 208~215, Zhifu Building, Pengda Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China Production line Address: Penglianjia Technology Park, Shibi Village, Pingdi St Office, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
Contact Tel: +86-755-83393378
Facsimile: +86-755-83422990
Skype Identity: HQT CIRCUIT
Inbox: [email protected]



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