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Lunchbox Dev Kit and BeagleBone Black Giveaway!

Ben Heck’s Lunch Box Dev Kit is a portable, plug-and-play hardware development enclosure suitable for diagnosing problems on the go and swapping over between kits. It includes a screen, a keyboard, mouse, and a few power options in one convenient package. It was made using a modified Motorola Atrix phone dock and with various 3D […]

Ben Heck’s BeagleBone Black Geocache

In this episode Ben and Felix set out to make a Geocache using a BeagleBone Black. The device has to be durable, it has to last for at least a month and it has to do something cool when you reach it. Connect with The Ben Heck Show at: http://bit.ly/1T7WSeb source Raspberry Pi Alternatives: How […]