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PCB Board company in Germany

Schoeller Electronics

Schoeller Electronics Systems GmbH is considered among the best manufacturers of Circuit Boards in The european union. At present, we have already been leader in the technology for rigid-flexible and high-frequency Circuit Boards. Schoeller Electronics Systems is additionally one of the top vendors in the high-tech sector of multilayers, a position which the firm is consistently enhancing.

Our tactical ambition in mind is to develop high quality and competitive solutions together with our purchasers. In order to do that, we increase the prerequisites on efficiency, quality, reliability, logistics and also technology.

Contact Us

Head Office
Schoeller Electronics Systems GmbH
Marburger St. 65 | Wetter Germany-35083
facsimile: +49 (0) 64 23 – 26 11 | Inbox: [email protected]

Get in touch with sales & support Dept:

Mr. Lochel
TEL: +49 (0) 6423 – 81-343
cell phone: +49 (0) 172 6720933


Please don’t hesitate to send your queries to [email protected]
Contact procurement team:
TEL: +49 (0) 64 23 – 81-289

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LEITON, Your Electronic Circuit Board Company

LeitOn is a innovative Electronic Circuit Board company situated in Berlin, Germany. Furthermore we have a network of different premium quality world-wide Electronic Circuit Board manufacturers so we can easily provide large production printed circuits at the same time.

Each one of these Electronic Circuit Board manufacturers is focused upon some domain to provide you the most competitive price and the finest quality. Our Electronic Circuit Board production in Germany delivers greatly sophisticated PCBs in the least amount of time up to 24 layers. Our Electronic Circuit Board company associates in Asia are specialized in the production of high-quality PCBs in medium and large amounts. Our network of partners makes certain you reliability, professionalism and trust, and great know-how to take your Electronic Circuit Boards from prototypes to serial production.

Through LeitOn you are able to take advantage of ideal communication means to proficient PCB manufacturers and worldwide expertise for fast and well-performing Electronic Circuit Board production.

Make your necessary competitive merit – with our worldwide network of Electronic Circuit Board producers!

Contact Us

+49 (0)30 701 73 49 0
[email protected]

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We are glad to introduce you to our Online platform for ordering PCB Boards that’s far more than a basic Ecommerce site. Going above the range of PCB Board prototyping, we provide you with a comfy and cheap procurement tool from low to high volume series of Single Sided, Double Sided, Plated through and Multilayer PCB Board’s.

Microcirtec is a family owned German PCB Board manufacturer, who – to guarantee the highest quality level, service and well-price – only relies upon the experience and skill of its PCB Board production in Krefeld in the Rhine area.

Contact Us

For more questions regarding the production of PCB Boards, make contact with our sales staff.

Addr.: Hildegard Volker & Andreas Brüggen | 47805 Krefeld, Oberdiessemer Str. 15
TEL: ++49 (0) 21 51 825-1
Facsimile: ++49 (0) 21 51 932 450
Inbox: [email protected]

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Most current Electronic Circuit Board Industry News

Electronic Circuit Board industry is one of the fastest expanding market sectors in the globe as most of the contemporary devices is PCB-driven. According to the Q4 2016 trends, the sales of PC board in the United States has expanded. This particular article offers several interesting observations into the arena of PC board industry by analyzing the expansion trends, future prospects, and forecast report.

Product based analysis of PC board industry

1-2 sided
4-6 low
8-16 mid
18+ high
Micro via (HDI)

Based on diverse market analysis reports, you will find there’s high demand for 4-6 layer PC board types. This is a direct result of their soaring use in devices like resistors, embedded capacitors as well as transistors. Furthermore, with the arrival in technology new PCB’s similar to RoHS / lead free PCB’s have show up in the market transforming the face of electronic devices market. The PC board market is anticipated to grow with the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4% against the previous Q4 2016, trend which witnessed significant downside. Certain frequent PC board products leading the electronic devices market are:

Usage based investigation of PC board market

In terms of the greatest revenue contributor for the PC board industry, the networking and communication sector leads by contributing a 30% boost in the PCB income. What’s more, the aerospace and defense sectors have also started applying PCB technologies. Here is the directory of PCB market positioning when it comes to applications.

Electronic Devices
Home PC / Side-line Goods
Industrial Electronic products

Most recent Researching The Market and Tendencies

Depending on the “Global PCB Industry Report“, PCB market was estimated at greater than $3.4 billion dollars in the Q4 2016, with the industry conjecture suggesting a 10 pct development in 2017. American area accounts for 5Per-cent of whole $60 billion worldwide PCB market. This market research analysis targets the key point figures and thorough study of the PCB industries within the American region. Some boasting points enrolled in the report are:

::Offshoring Affect: Because of the migration of various electronic devices industries and manufacturing units to 3rd world areas, there has been a tremendous downslide in the American PCB business. This has generated a downsizing in the PCB manufacturing areas in the U . s . region.

::Resurrection of PCB market: A good number of markets just like communications, defense, and industrial electronic devices industries continue to be relying upon the PCB sector. The PCB industry nevertheless remains the strategic driver for loads of sophisticated automation and process control devices. With the resurrection of the oil and gas sector, which hinges on PCB powered products, the PCB business is by now getting a resurgence in the American region.

In case you happen to be looking for PCB for your application, you must look at a company with a long industry experience just like MOKO is the sort of highly regarded manufacturer and dealer of PCB in China. The corporation has consistently supplied their clients with high-quality circuit boards that rank with regards to speed and general performance.

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