PCB Investigator 3D FreeCAD

PCB-Investigator: CAD/CAM Software for PCB

Bring your PCB design together with your housing. Use ODB++, IPC2581 or GenCAD as source.
PCB-Investigator allows new 3D Collaboration the easy way. Use FreeCAD for integration and measurement.

For more information please check: www.pcb-investigator.com


How can 3D PCBs assemble to the real thing?

How will 3D printed circuit boards stack up to the real thing?

3D printing is all the fad, but is it all jacked up to be in terms of 3D PCBs?

The 3D-printed electronics sector is still in its childhood because of the intricacy of the process. The printer is required to be in a position to produce a material which conducts electricity and stands up to the demands of use in segments for instance , aerospace, wearables and the Internet of Things, in addition to consumer electronics.

We’re simply just realizing the 1st 3D printers able of printing electronics. One particular printer is the NexD1 3D printer from Next Dynamics. The NexD1, which sells for close to $3,000, is a multi-material and electronics printer in one. It is ready to print utilizing six materials straight away and build functional low-resistance circuits.

Next Dynamics is right now raising capital for this project on Kickstarter. The company wants to commence shipping and delivery in Sept of 2017.

The Way ahead for 3-D-Printed PCBs

3D printing is a very recent technology, and 3D-printed electronics are way more newer. We’re going to definitely discover innovations in 3-D printing for electronics through the years. The process will in all probability get more efficient, and we might discover means to take advantage of new materials. We may even see 3D printing as a method of electronics mass production one of these days, but likely not for a long while.
At this time, the advancements will mostly derive from flexibility in design and more speedily creating prototypes.

Over the years, 3D printing will likely greatly re-define the world of electronics. Circuitry should be able to be printed straight into products, purging the requirement for a normal square circuit board. Designers can be a great deal more imaginative with their designs. Our gadgets may get a lot more compact and start to look various, and we might be able to make them significantly more rapidly and reasonably.

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