Mini Ble Ibeacon BT 4.0 Outdoors Thin Wearable Beacon Tag With Keychain

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Dialog DA14580
Battery Model:
Operation Voltage:
Net Weight:
8g with battery
iOS 7.0 / Android 4.3
Battery lifetime:
1.5 years
Keychain / neck chain /3M sticker
Grade IP63
white or customized
Supply Ability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Packaging Details
40pcs per box / 400pcs per carton
shenzhen or hongkong
Lead Time:

What is beacons?

Beacons, not bacons. iBeacon is Apple’s form of the Bluetooth-based beacon concept, allowing Bluetooth devices to broadcast or receive tiny and static bits of data within short ranges. In simple words, it is made up of two parts: a broadcaster (beacon device) and a receiver (smartphone app). The broadcaster is constantly advertising “I am here, and my ID is…”, while the receiver picks up these Bluetooth radio packets and does whatever it ought to do depending on how close or far it is from them.Think about beacons as “control buttons or web links to the physical world surrounding you”. In the same way that website pages make use of buttons as a key way of user interaction, beacons are used by apps to lead to events and call actions, making it possible for users to have interaction with digital or physical things, for example, door locks, discounts, automation systems or simple alerts.

From a technical perspective, you can imagine iBeacons as very small digital lighthouses, very much like those utilized to point out where a port of coastline is. Generally, the observer/receiver is an iOS app, while the broadcaster/transmitter can be a battery-powered sensor, such as an USB Bluetooth dongle, an Arduino kit, a Mac PC or an iOS device. The broadcaster side only sends data. The standard beacon advertisement includes an UUID, a major and a minor value only. For instance:

UUID: 20fb7ace-7989-40f9-a18c-42c88516ecea
Major ID: 1
Minor ID: 2

The broadcaster (iBeacon) does nothing else besides sending this piece of information every fraction of a second or so. The UUID is a unique identifier. For instance, if Starbucks decides to deploy beacon sensors inside its store and make an app that can tell the user once they arrive at a specific store, they would define a UUID that is unique to their app and the beacons in their stores. Inside the stores, they would place beacon devices and configure every one of them to use a different “minor” value. As an example, at the store A, they would place all beacon devices broadcasting the Starbucks UUID, major value 1, minor 1 nearby the door, minor 2 close to the mugs display and minor value 3 close to the cashier. At store B, they would use the same UUID, but major 2 and minor values based on the location inside the store.

With the info broadcasted by each beacon, the app can discover them and judge how close (or far) the smartphone is from each of them and then carry out actions, show notifications to the user, deliver special discounts, turn lights on and off, open doors etc.

Beacon is a broadcasting protocol which based on BLE protocol, also referred to a kind of having this protocol BLE (peripheral) device. As a Beacon device, it is usually placed as a fixed position in a certain place, and is required to continuously broadcast to the surrounding, and can’t enter the connection state to any BLE central. The advertising data are arranged according to certain rules.

Product Description

Similar to estimote beacons, The product is Wearable Beacon Tag. The model is a portable iBeacon tag with ultra-low power Dialog DA14580 chipset and leverage BLE 4.0 technology; it has a portable case shape, accurate hardware and robust firmware. It is designed for the commercial advertising and indoor location-based service and data analyzing. Beacons broadcast 2.4GHz radio signals at regular and adjustable intervals. It can be heard and interpreted by iOS and Android BLE-enabled devices that are equipped with many mobile apps.


Programmed standard iBeacon firmware

Portable Beacon / Neck chain beacon/keychain

The max. 80 meters advertising distance

Ultra-low power consumption chipset  Dialog DA14580

Easy to print a customization Logo/branding on the case


Supported iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.3+ system

Compatible with Apple iBeacon standard

Compatible with all Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) devices


Replaceable coin battery

One and half years  battery lifetime (at default settings)

Easy to get the real-time battery level notification


UUID, Major, Minor, Device Name, Password etc

Special Configuration APP


Mounting : Keychain / neck chain / 3M sticker

Configure Parameters

Detailed Images


Delicate design in apprance for businessmen Easily and flexisible wareable



Multi-function application Indoor Location Data Analyzing Advertising promotion
Well- managed production line standard system High quality Testing Customized color and parmeters


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