How Come I Use a PCB Assembly Service?

How Come I Use a PCB Assembly Service?

Here’s a question we get requested more frequently than we might normally expect: “Why do I require a PCB Assembly service?

Printed Circuit Board Assembly is among the mainstays of consumer electronics nowadays, even though that’s only been the case for the past 3-4 years. Thanks to the growth and development of surface mount technology (short for SMT) as well as other advanced production technology, it has become much more simpler for most companies to delegate their jobs to a PCBA service than to do it on their own.

But it’s good to review why things have developed this way. For that reason let’s take a look at Circuit board assembly some of the significant reasons a manufacturer should look for PCB Assembly services to aid in their production.

The Perks of a PCB Assembly Service

1. Doing it in-house requires a ton of pricey investments. It once was that everyone did their own electronics manufacturing, but it requires a massive capital in production lines and equipment, not to mention workforce and knowledge. For most companies, there’s little expected ROI on an investment like that, even looking years down the road.

2. Economies of scale production . Another key benefit of outsourcing your Circuit board assembly is that allows you to leverage the investments others have made into manufacturing technology. A large, specialized electronics assembly plant will be able to produce more units, more quickly, and at a reduced cost

3. Design & Layout services in many cases are included in the deal. While this is not true of all Circuit board services, a lot offer you design services to assist you to improve your designs. Expert PCB makers can engineer superior solutions and assist you to produce higher quality products, while cheaply.

4. Accurate expertise. Nearly all main electronics assembly businesses have years or possibly tens of years of experience in mass-production electronics. That’s expertise that could be unbelievably costly if you went looking to a specialist to watch over your own operations, but comes fairly cheap when you work with an outsourced assembly company.

5. Guaranteed quality control. One more serious problem with self-assembly of electronics components is QC. On top of the production facilities, have you got the resources to check and guarantee the quality of the Printed Circuit Boards that you produce? Major electronics manufacturers have extensive QC processes and can supply prime quality components.

And all this adds up to key point:

If you don’t have confidence in the parts, you can’t rely on the end product.

Any electronics business with any regards for its long term future has to consider its own fame to be extremely important. Persons nowadays can make use of the Internet access to instantly research your company and also all of your competitors. If you grow to be recognized for making low-quality products, it can be a nearly insurmountable issue.

The simplest way to have reliable end products is to ensure that reliable components go into their manufacture. Apart from strengthening your own products, this tends to also help your engineers as well. After all, if something does make a mistake, knowing that all of your components were made to top-line specs will make it less difficult for them to find the actual source of the problem.

Therefore, in short, why do you require a Printed Circuit Board Assembly service? For the low cost, for the better quality, and for the peace of mind that comes with putting out a good product. There is only little reason to accomplish your own manufacturing in-house, and lots of reasons to look outside your company instead.


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