PCB West 2017: Simon Fried talks about 3D Printing

During PCB West Exhibition Day, Sierra talked with Simon Fried, CBO, Director & Co-Founder of Nano Dimension, a company based in Israel. Simon discussed DragonFly, a revolutionary 3D printer that will amaze PCB designers.

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Mil-Spec-PRF-55110 Certificate for GI Materials

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How will 3D PCBs stack up to the real thing?


3D printing is all the fashion, but is it all hyped up to be in terms of 3D PCBs?

The 3D-printed electronics sector is still in its childhood due to the complication of the process. The printer has to be capable to produce a material that conducts electricity and stands up to the demands of use in fields for example , aerospace, wearables and the Internet of Things, in addition to consumer electronics.

We’re simply just realizing the 1st 3D printers effective at printing electronics. One particular printer is the NexD1 3D printer from Next Dynamics. The NexD1, which costs roughly $3,000, is a multi-material and electronics printer in one. It can print utilizing six materials at once and come up with functional low-resistance circuits.

Next Dynamics is at present raising funds for this project on Kickstarter.com. The company purports to begin shipping and delivery in September of 2017.

The way forward for 3-D-Printed PCBs

3D printing itself is quite a modern technology, and 3D-printed electronics are actually newer. We are going to surely discover upgrades in 3-D printing for electronics as time passes. The process will likely get more efficient, and we could find approaches to make the most of new materials. We may even see 3D printing as a method of electronics mass production sooner or later, but probably not for a long while.
At the moment, the upgrades will mostly result from flexibility in design and more speedily building prototypes.

Ultimately, 3D printing will clearly greatly re-define the field of electronics. Circuitry will probably be printed directly into products, removing the demand for a regular rectangle circuit board. Designers is likely to be significantly more imaginative with their designs. Our electronic products could possibly get much more compact and begin to look varied, and we may be able to manufacture them far more speedily and cheaply.

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