PCB Producer Network for PCB Prototyping and Small-run PCB Fabricating Requirements

PCB Producer Network for PCB Prototyping and Small-run PCB Fabricating Requirements


ALLPCB Website

ALLPCB is the first global online platform with PCB prototyping and small-quantity PCB fabrication services.
After the year 2013, ALLPCB has long been endeavoring to make available the most very affordable PCB fabricating service and present world-wide SMEs with complete PCB design process and tech support from “Prototype to Production”. In an effort to realize a rapid reaction to customers’ demands, we have designed a highly effective service and support system. Our delivery performance, quality control, support service and speedy reaction to difficulties play a role in our premier position in PCB industry.

ALLPCB has access to distinctive resources in several elements:

1. PCB manufacturers

At least One hundred China-based PCB producers have registered with ALLPCB manufacturer circle, presenting 1 To 30 layers boards for PCB prototyping and small-run PCB fabrication. They include things like multilayer board, high frequency board, metal core board, HDI board and rigid-flex board. The fastest lead time could very well be within just A day. Each of the PCB manufacturer affiliates have passed on our stern on-spot examination by pro auditors about the environment, devices, materials, qualifications and management. All of the examination documents are open and clear on the net, making certain the manufacture capability authenticity of every PCB manufacturer.

2. Elements

ALLPCB works with in excess of 30 world famous parts vendors, providing about 5 million electronic components on hand. Not less than 95% transactions will be assured to be delivered the same day.


ALLPCB works with above 10 PCBA makers with the capability of prototype and small-quantity manufacture in 2 To 3 days. And the pass rate of finished products achieves 99.9%.
ALLPCB possesses a ultra powerful team with 100+ consumer support people and engineers . We offer 24/7 service for overseas buyers by way of e-mail, cell phone and live chat.
“Manufactured in China, Used by the world” is the goal of ALLPCB presently. ALLPCB is going to endeavor to reach the remodeling from”Produced in China” to”Manufactured in the world”, making the innovation of world-wide SMEs faster and easier and bringing the human beings much better life thanks to technological innovations!

Reach Us

Location: 12F,West No.2 Building, XinTianDi Business Center, #71-8 ShiXiang Road,XiaCheng Dist, Hangzhou City, China
Email : service@ALLPCB.com
In line with : http://www.allpcb.com/about_us.html


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