Lab Electrospinning Unit (single syringe pump) for nanofiber/nanofibers production ES-106

Place of Origin:
Selangor, Malaysia
Brand Name:
Progene Link
Model Number:
Output Power:
30 Watt
Output Type:
Input Voltage:
100 – 240 VAC
Output Voltage:
35 kV
Output Frequency:
Output Current:
35 kV
Packaging Details
4 boxes
Delivery Time
2 weeks
Lab Electrospinning Unit
Progene Link
Selangor, Malaysia
Product Description
“ES-106 is a lab-scale electrospinning unit with single syringe pump, designed specifically for researchers and scientists who are interested in doing research in the field of nanofibers and nanowires. The unit consists of robust painted metal frame, high voltage power supply, syringe pump, rotary collector and Microcontroller system. All experimental parameters including injection rate of polymer solution, working distance, rotating speed of collector drum, scanning speed of spinneret and working temperature are controlled through a user friendly keypad.

Advanced safety features, modular design and easy maintenance make the unit a very attractive equipment for the researchers.”


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Progene Link was established in late 2002 by the two founding members, K H Ang and B H Lim. Both had brought along with them their years of excellent service track records and wide customer base in semiconductor and life science industries respectively. Over the years, Progene Link has progressed from a trading company for biotechnology and nanotechnology equipment in Malaysia to become the preferred industrial partner to many higher learning institutions and government organizations. Progene Link is unique in her business approach whereby she can be a supplier, partner or even a customer to her clients. We practice creativity, flexibility and efficiency as we walk through from ideas to solutions with our clients.



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Practise innovative and sustainable business model
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