Altium – How to Export PCB to 3D PDF

Have you ever wanted to export your PCB from Altium into a 3D PDF? This video explains how you can do that …. How will 3D PCBs assemble to the real thing? How will 3D printed circuit boards stack up to the real thing? 3D printing is all the craze, but is it all […]

Soldering Electronics Components on a Circuit Board

Decided to upload a video at my job Soldering Circuit boards. I work in a warehouse with another co-worker of mine so its just the both of us working together. the loud noise you hear that sounds like fans are a PLC Panel that I built. Just decided to upload something else besides Aviation. PCBWING […]

RWG-OSD # 26: Milling PCB’s – 3D Printer Makes Its Own PCB’s! Double Sided!!!

RWG-OSD # 26: Milling PCB’s, 3D Printer Makes Its Own PCB’s! Double Sided!!! OK all! This will be a very fun build! step by step build series. This is part 26! In this video I try to make some PCB’s with this printer for this printer! more work to do and some more set up […]

How I surface mount my PCB components.

A few people have asked me how /I/ do my surface mount…well, it took me a long time to really settle on a process, and this is it. Feel free to hit me up with any questions. Case can be purchased here: For more info on the timing of my toaster oven process, you […]

Dragonfly 2020 3D PCB printer Nano Dimension

taking a design from concept to prototype in a matter of hours instead of weeks, while keeping your intellectual property in house, for maximum IP security. 3D printing bypasses traditional prototyping bottlenecks, saving you time and money. This seamless in­house production process provides you with a new freedom to experiment and evolve. How can […]

#129: How to cut circuit board PCB material – a couple of favorite methods I use…

This video shows a few of the methods I use to cut copper clad printed circuit board material (PCB) for my homebrew, breadboard and prototype circuit construction. These methods include using metal shears (tin snips), nibblers, utility knife scoring and snapping, jigsaw, etc. Always use proper eye protection! PCBWING Technology Co., Ltd (predominantly for prototype) […]

DIY 3D Scanner (Arduino, 3D Printing, PCB Design, Stepper Motors, IR Sensing) – Super Make Something

Learn how to make a 3D scanner to digitize and clone objects around your house! The STL files for the 3D scanner can be found at: The Arduino and MATLAB code can be downloaded here: Order a copy of the PCB in this video for yourself at: In addition to the STL […]

How to repair a PCB Trace?

How to repair a PCB Trace? Have a damaged trace on a PCB, then see how to repair it. PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd (chiefly for prototype) Source PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd is on the list of China’s leading unit delivering PCB services, that is a three way partnership of three of the top ten […]

Schematic/PCB to 3D

In this tutorial i have transformed a schematic diagram into a 3D view. How can 3D printed circuit boards assemble to the real thing? How will 3D printed circuit boards stack up to the real thing? 3D printing is all the rage, but is it all exaggerated to be when it comes to 3D […]

Using a multimeter on a PCB (Hindi) (हिन्दी)

This lesson will help you identify some of the common faults in a PCB using a multimeter. इस पाठ में आप एक पीसीबी (PCB) में होनेवाली विभिन्न फाल्ट्स के बारे में मल्टीमीटर के जरिये सीखेंगे। PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd (chiefly for prototype) According to PCBWING Tech Co., Ltd is among the list of China’s […]