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Bonjour, dans cette vidéo je vous présente mes deux alternatives préférées au Raspberry Pi: le BeagleBone Black et le Radxa ! J’espère que vous aimerez la vidéo, A+ 😀


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Raspberry Pi Alternate Options: The Reason They Are a Greater Buy

Raspberry Pi isn’t the baddest micro computer all over the world, and it is what its competitors are looking to tell the remainder of the world. Now and then, a fresh mini computer is introduced in the marketplace promising to be the largest one to take down Raspberry Pi. In actual fact, there is a new Raspberry Pi killer referred to as NanoPi M1 Plus, which is Ubuntu-Linux ready and costs you $30.

The Raspberry Pi is launched with 4 variations over the years. These comprise of Raspberry Pi Model B+, Pi 2 Model B, Zero, and the latest which is Pi 3 Model B.

Pi 3 Model B Costing $35

Pi 3 was established to double check that Raspberry Pi is able to please anyone with a low priced computer for programming. It has improved CPU with the Cortex A53, Hackaday stated, and runs on 1.2 GHz. Costing $35, the Raspberry Pi is the most desired of all.

The Raspberry Pi, however, isn’t the single single board computer(SBC) for homemade projects. There are many more available on the market which be cheaper, and then some that are able to do more than Raspberry Pi for a little extra, ZDNet published.

BeagleBone Black Single Board Computer Costing $55

Also, there is the BeagleBone Black, which will cost you $55 and similar to the Raspberry Pi, is in addition a community-supported platform both for fans and builders. It truely does work fast; it can actually boost Linux in lower than 10 seconds and can develop in under Five minutes. It is fueled by AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 plus 512MB DDR3 RAM.

Latest BBB
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Know more about the most recently released BeagleBone Black Model: Black Wireless on

Omega 2 Single Board Computer Costing $5

Firstly, there’s the Omega 2, sporting a modular nature allowing for developers to integrate Bluetooth or Gps navigation conveniently. It has constructed in Wi-Fi and flash memory space; the OS is Linux distro established on the OpenWrt system. The Omega 2 will cost you $5 and is also able to operate on FreeBSD OS, which describe why it is designed for school students.
Omega2 $5 SBC with Wi-Fi specs-in-2-versions

BBC Micro:bit Single Board Computer Costing $16

The BBC Micro:bit will cost you $16 and is just the thing for students for their training and prototyping projects. A 32-bit ARM Cortex central processor energizes it internally and it is different from the remainder due to its 5×5 LED matrix. This function gives 25 separately programmable red-colored LEDs for basic output.

NanoPi M1 Plus Single Board Computer Costing $30

Yet another one is the NanoPi M1 Plus, that has been named as the most current Raspberry Pi killer. At $30, it promises to have a much stronger design and layout and was ready to include key benefits including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also provides an Infrared receiver, microphone, 8GB storage, and power and reset control keys.

Yet, the most helpful element of NanoPi M1 Plus is its capacity to run Ubuntu-Mate, Ubuntu-Core, as well as Debian, Beta News announced. It is a good choice for venture users, programmers, hobbyists, and students.

NanoPi M1 Plus SBC Specs

FriendlyElec releases Ubuntu Linux-ready NanoPi M1 Plus – a $30 Raspberry Pi killer

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You will find there’s new Raspberry Pi challenger that is quite affordable. Actually, some individuals might see it as a Pi killer. The $30 FriendlyElec NanoPi M1 Plus has an certainly remarkable design and layout, as well as key built in features just like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

FriendlyElec releases Ubuntu Linux-ready NanoPi M1 Plus — a $30 Raspberry Pi killer

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