Best Smart Light Switches

iotty Light Switch – automate your lighting directly from your smartphone

iotty Light Switch will take your home to the next frontier with next-generation features. Quickly replace a light switch to get total control of lighting. Monitor power consumption, manage multiple lights at once, and share access with multiple users. Set daily schedules, automatically adjust lighting to sunset/sunrise, and set “away mode” when on vacation. Full […]

3-D-Printed PCB Boards

Elastico Pen Holder (PCB Test)

Elastico Pen Holder for Prusa I3 ( Alluminium carriage ). Plot test on 3D printer. PCB by Fritzing, exported, converted by Inkscape and imported as dxg with 3DS max, converted in spline, extruded and exported as stl, interpreted by slic3r on Repetier Host. Source How will 3D printed circuit boards assemble to the real […]

Best Smart Light Switches

Editors’ Choice: Lutron’s light switches are a smart home standout

Read the CNET review: Lutron Caseta in-wall dimmer switches are the best performing, most feature-rich smart switches you can buy, and they work with just about everything — including Apple HomeKit and Amazon’s Alexa. Watch more Smart Home reviews: The CNET Smart Home: Subscribe to CNET: Watch more CNET videos: […]

Best Smart Light Switches

7 Best WiFi Light Switches 2017

CLICK FOR WIKI ►► Please Note: Our choices for this wiki may have changed since we published this review video. Our most recent set of reviews in this category is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki. Wifi light switches included in this wiki include the wion 50052, broadlink f02-004tc2us220-2, tp-link smart hs200, wemo f7c030fc, plum […]



Gerät zum Belichten von Leiterplatten source PCB Board maker in Europe Schoeller Electronics Schoeller Electronics Systems GmbH is amongst the top makers of Circuit Boards in The european countries. These days, we are already frontrunner in the technology for rigid-flexible and high-frequency Circuit Boards. Schoeller Electronics Systems is furthermore one of the top vendors in […]


Laserschneiden flexibler Leiterplatten und Coverlayer

Das UV-Lasersystem LPKF MicroLine 1000 P erzeugt gratfreie Schnitte in FR4, FR5, CEM, Keramik, Polyimid, Polyester und anderen Leiterplattensubstraten. Mehr Infos unter: Flexible und dünne Substrate bearbeitet dieser Laser zu Systemkosten, die sich im Bereich herkömmlicher Säge- oder Frästrenner bewegen. Der Laser trennt Substrate in unmittelbarer Nähe sensibler Bauteile und Leiterbahnen ohne mechanische Belastung. […]


Zeilentrafo, Ätzküvette, A/D-Wandler und RGB-LED-Matrix

Heute gibt es etwas mehr Abwechslung. Wir steuern einen Zeilentrafo an, zeigen den aktuellen Stand unserer Ätzküvette, stellen einen praktischen und sehr kleinen A/D-Wandler vor und geben den aktuellen Stand unseres RGB-LED-Matrix-Projektes bekannt. Wenn du unsere Videos magst, abonnier unseren Kanal und du wirst auf dem neusten Stand bleiben. Wir freuen uns, wenn du uns […]